Yemanja Amulet


Yemanja Amulet

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Yemanja is motherly and has protective energy.

She protects children from sadness, worries, she comforts and protects them.Yemanja is also a protector of pregnant women, pregnancy, babies in the womb, babies, toddlers, mommies, childbirth, and breastfeeding …This amulet is protecting from spiritual and physical harm.It cleans entities and all kind of negative energies.

Amulet activation

The amulet is activated with intentional physical touch.

Activation for the baby in womb: the amulet is touching your belly and in your mind you connect it with your baby.

Where to put the amulet?

Place the amulet in a room where the person is spending most of their time. Often that would be the bedroom.

Cleansing the amulet?

Cleans only if needed.

You will clean the amulet’s energy by placing it on the full-moon moonlight.Put it on a clean soil or on layer of sea salt or on a clean white natural fabric and leave over the night on the moonlight.


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